Securing Success through Enterprise Education provides enterprise education to schools and other organisations working with young people. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring any young person can benefit from our course, no matter their age or socio-economic background.

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What is Enterprise Education?

Enterprise education helps students develop the mindset, knowledge and skills of the entrepreneur. It can also help students build confidence, self-reliance and the determination to succeed.

Success as an entrepreneur

Enterprise education encourages students to consider self-employment as a career option and equips them with the skills to become successful business owners.

Success in employment

Enterprise education supports students in developing the skills demanded by employers in an ever increasingly competitive economy. Enterprising students have direction, motivation and determination to achieve their goals.

Success in


Enterprise education develops in the student skills in personal finance, decision making and creative thinking. Enterprising individuals have direction and the determination to make the most of challenging circumstances.

“I can’t wait to start my business”

“I have loved everything about this course! It was all good and very informative and I enjoyed every moment of it.”

Unlock their potential with the course

A blended course designed to inspire, mentor, and prepare today’s young entrepreneurs.

Guided Learning

An online course with added personal support. We include two live zoom calls to support the young people throughout this business course.

Blended course

A combination of digital tools and a physical workbook to aid in learning and developing a comprehensive business plan.

Support for teachers & parents

Access to monitor young people’s progress during the course and a success call at the end to confirm understanding and completion.

Enterprise Education Training

We offer staff training for schools that wish to incorporate our course into their curriculum. This half-day training will ensure that staff have the knowledge and confidence to deliver our course. In addition, participants will learn how to embed the principles covered into their students’ learning.

Please contact us to book or discuss your needs.

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